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Kizuna share house concept

"Share house to make a second family"

I want to realize a share house that creates a warm bond like a family.

"Welcome back" "I'm home" "Thank you" "Good luck"
A share house where compassionate words fly around in everyday life

A bond with a second family that deepens through communal living

Kizuna Share House is more than just sharing a house
A community share house where you can share each other's lives.

Masafumi Hiraoka, Representative of Kizuna Share House

Why Choose Kizunaya sharehouse?

What do you consider important when choosing a share house?
Location, facilities, and cost. Of course, these are important!
However, living in a share house is living with other people, so if you're going to choose a share house, the kind of people you want to live with is just as important!
We'd be happy if you could realize your ideal share house lifestyle at Kizunaya sharehouse.

Here are just a few examples of the kind of share house living you can enjoy at Kizunaya sharehouse.